Relieving Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms
If you have chosen to try to alleviate your symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, on your own, you may not know where to begin. There are significant number of sources of IBS-related information and several methods that you can use to reduce your symptoms. For those suffering from IBS it is recommended that they avoid certain trigger foods and alter certain dietary factors. The first step in keeping symptoms at bay is knowing what to look for and which foods to avoid. You will also find relief from IBS by continuing to discover and act on extra information that may help you to relax.

There are a number of teas available that purport to help eliminiate IBS symptoms. Peppermint and fennel tea have been known to be effective, particularly on abdominal pain. Both types of tea prevent spasms and will help you relax. They can be purchased both in bag form or as loose tea. If you do not care for tea, there are also capsules available that offer the same results.

IBS sufferers should also be vigilant about their fiber intake. The diet should include high-fiber grains, breads, and fruits and vegetables. A diet can also certain food supplements especially if you do not prefer these fiber-rich foods. Prior to going shopping, plan what your meals and how you will include these high fiber foods. Recipes are widely-available on the internet and the local library that are helpful in reducing symptoms of IBS, as well as suggestions on the best way to remove certain trigger foods from recipes. Heat wraps and supplementary relaxation products are also items you may want to add to your shopping cart. These may help you enjoy making relaxation a priority. An example of a product with relaxing properties is lavender via aromatherapy or in candles. Products such as these will cure your IBS, but they may calm you and help reduce your stress, which will lead to easing and controlling your symptoms.

When you are cooking or dining out, make sure to avoid using or choosing foods that trigger IBS. Substitute fish or a so-called white meats for dark and red meats. If you find that eggs and dairy trigger your symptoms, look for alternative substances, such as soy milk or egg substitutes to include in your diet. Coffee and alcohol are also known to be triggers for IBS so they best be avoided. A good method to use to determine how you can relieve the symptoms of IBS is to cut out known trigger foods by a systematic process of elimination.

Making conscious choices about what you are buying when you are food shopping will help you find relief of your symptoms. You may not only help keep your stomach calm, but you may also discover new food products that you enjoy. Although it is advisable to make certain adjustments to your diet to make you healthier, IBS does not have to dramatically change your lifestyle or eating habits. The first step in making optimal choices at the grocery store is knowing what will help you self treat your IBS symptoms. From here, you will be able to ease your symptoms and progress with fewer problems.